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White Truffle Olive Oil - Gocce Di Tartufo

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These "drops of white truffle" are made by infusing olive oil with white truffle. The process allows to obtain olive oil with a strong fragrance of white truffle, preserving in time its aromas and unique fragrance. Use truffle oil to enhance the flavor of summer truffles, to make truffle vinaigrettes, add to a mushroom risotto, eggs, vegetables, or fish and meats.

Origin: Italy
Brand: Tartufalba
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: Olive Oil, White truffle

It is in around 1930 that Tartufalba or Tartufi Morra - Alba was established in the mysterious, wonderful, and prestigious area of Langhe. It is known that Alba has the most fragrant and delicious truffles in the world. Tartufi Morra prides itself on fifty years of experience in the field of fresh and preserved truffles and many truffles products.

250ml   -   Price : SGD$44.00


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