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Strawberries Senga

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High quality fruit. Fruits selected for their taste, their texture integrity at defrosting, their appearance. An optimal result obtained by the special care taken during freezing, size-grading (when appropriate), sorting and packing. Some varieties or origins renowned for their taste or their suitability for pastry are thus made available all year round.

Origin: France
Brand: Capfruit
Storage: Frozen
Shelf Life: 24 months frozen at -18oC
Ingredients: 100% fruit

Ideal for cake garnish or decoration, tart garnish or decoration, plated desserts, puff pastry, danish pastry, petits fours, sauteed fruit in savory dishes, sauces with fruit, etc...

IQF fruits are available all year round with the same quality thanks to the partnership established with fruit growers in each fruit region, ensuring the selection of fruits during harvesting and a regular supply month after month.

1 kg Bag   -   Price : SGD$20.00


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