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Semi-Preserved Whole Duck Foie-Gras

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This is a semi-cooked foie-gras terrine, with addition of 30% of pieces. An amazing Whole Duck Foie Gras, selected from the finest 100% French origin Foie Gras. This whole duck foie gras is ideal for those who appreciate authentic taste.

Origin: France
Brand: Rougie
Storage: +2oC
Shelf Life: see date on package
Ingredients: Duck liver,duck liver pieces 30%, water, armagnac, salt, sugar, pepper, antioxidant:sodium ascorbate nitrite.

Preparation: This foie gras is generally served as is, on a toasted "Pain de Campagne". Serve the Foie Gras still fresh, but not chilled, by taking it out of the fridge 10 to 15mn prior to serving.

Founded in 1875, and located in the medieval town of Sarlat in the southwest of France, Rougie is the specialist of Foie Gras. Ducks are fed 100% with grain (no animal flours, no fats). Full tracing of the production is one the of the key elements in Rougie's quality.

180g Mould   -   Price : SGD$63.00


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