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Salchichon Iberico Bellota (Acorn fed Iberian Pork Saucisson)

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Using only natural casing, this air dried Acorn (Bellota) Iberico Salchichon (Saucisson) is made from high quality low fat cuts of Iberian pork, spices and salt, and air dried and matured in the traditional Spanish way. The very distinct and intense flavor of Iberico pork makes this Salchichon a very special product like no other of its kind.

Origin: Spain
Brand: El Torreon
Storage: Keep Refrigerated at 2-8 oC
Shelf Life: See date on package.
Ingredients: Coarsely chopped Acorn Fed Iberian Pork Cured and dried, Spices, Salt

Serving: open the package at least 10 minutes before serving, and use a knife to cut thin slices. Ideal for an aperitif served with bread, and accompanied with red wine.

Ibericos Torreon is a family-owned company,well-known in Spain and by many chefs worldwide for its respect of tradition and quality. Specialties are selected from the best Iberian pork, fed with acorns for highest quality selections. A real heavenly delicacy.

1kg appx   -   Price : SGD$73.00


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