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Polenta Bramata (Classic Yellow Polenta)

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This Classic Yellow Polenta, bramata corn flour, stands out by its bright yellow color with a full flavor to accompany fancier dishes with sauces and gravies. You use it in cooking for the preparation of the classic “polenta” or other classic Italian recipes.

Origin: Italy
Brand: Molino Filippini
Storage: store in a cool and dry place
Shelf Life: see date on package
Ingredients: Bramata Corn flour 100%

Recipe: Classic Polenta for 5/6 persons -- prepare 2 liters of suitably salted water and 500g of Bramata Corn Flour. Bring the water to a boil and pour in the flour, keep stiring for 45 minutes, and at the end, when cooked, add a little bit of butter.

Molino Filippi was born in a river valley that descends from Mount Sterbise Pasubio, Italy, and has existed since 1780. They are run by a family committed to keeping alive the work of two centuries of experience and traditions handed down through 4 generations. Particular attention is paid to the careful selection of raw material, control of the supply chain from seed to harvest, for a guaranteed quality of products.

500g   -   Price : SGD$6.00


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