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Pimientos del Piquillo Arketa (whole Piquillo Peppers)

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Piquillo Peppers are a variety of small peppers traditionally grown in Northern Spain over the town of Lodosa. In recent years many spanish companies have established farms in Peru, successfully producing the same quality peppers for the spanish market. The name Piquillo means "little beak" in spanish, due to resemblance of its shape. Typically, they are first roasted, the peeled and de-seeded by hand. Traditionally they are cooked stuffed with bacalao (dry cod), other seafood or meat, in a sauce made with their own juice, olive oil and garlic. They are found as tapas in most bars in Spain.

Origin: Processes and Packed in Spain (Peppers origin from Peru)
Brand: Arketa (Coquet S.A., Spain)
Storage: Store in a dry place
Shelf Life: See date on can
Ingredients: Peeled Piquillo Peppers (17/24), Salt, Sugar, Citric Acid.

Coquet S.A. is a spanish company based in Zaragoza province. They specialize in traditional spanish vegetable and fruit preserves of high quality, such as Navarra Asparagus, Pimientos del Piquillo, Peaches, tomatos, vegetables, and beans. They also produce prepared specialties based on those ingredients

390g Net, 300g Drained   -   Price : SGD$9.50


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