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6 Pieces Matured Cheese in Wooden Box (6 versions to choose from - pre-order 1 week)

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Bordier s matured cheese selection is the result of years of friendship building with artisans around France that produce high quality cheeses. Bordier adds his know-how in meticulously maturing the cheeses until they reach their peak taste, and ensuring a perfect packing thanks to the competence of his staff who prepare each tray upon customer order. We offer you 6 selected trays of 6 pieces each to choose from:

  • Version 1:Camembert AOP Pays d Auge (Normandie), Livarot AOP (Normandie) , Fourme d Ambert AOP (Auvergne), Comte AOP (Franche-Comte), Selles sur Cher AOP (Touraine), Saint Nectaire Fermier AOP (Auvergne)
  • Version 2:Valencay AOP (Touraine), Marotte du Larzac (Aveyron), Bleu d Auvergne AOP (Auvergne), Tomme Fermiere (Haute-Savoie), Roman Fermier (Dauphine), Langres AOP (Haute-Marne)
  • Version 3:Palet de Bourgogne (Bourgogne), Salers AOP (Auvergne), Bleu des Causses AOP (Aveyron), Abbaye de Tamie (Haute-Savoie), Coeur de Neufchatel AOP (Normandie), Pyrenees Brebis Vallee d Ossau (Pyrenees)
  • Version 4:Bonde de Sologne cendree (Touraine), Petit Pave d Auge (Normandie), Bleu de Gex AOP (Franche-Comte), L Estaing du Larzac (Aveyron), Saint Felicien (Dauphine), Pave correzien (Auvergne)
  • Version 5:Perail des Cabasses (Aveyron), Petit Chaource (Champagne), Polochon cendre (Deux-Sevres), Morbier AOP (Franche-Comte), Pont l’Eveque AOP (Normandie), Appenzell (Suisse)
  • Version 6:Raboliot (Ille-et-Vialine), Tomme de Rhuys (Morbihan), Cremeux du Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandie), Timanoix (Morbihan), Tomme de la Moltais (Ille-et-Vilaine), Cure Nantais affine au Muscadet (Pays de la Loire)

Origin: France
Brand: Bordier
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Shelf Life: to be consumed rapidly

Bordier became famous thanks to his butter, but he was first known for his matured cheeses. Bordier says: I select, mature, and sell cheese since I am a kid: with my father back then, we took care of the deliveries, wiping and cleaning the cheeses from the artisan farms from all over France. Find out more about Bordier on his website:

6 pieces wooden tray   -   Price : : Depending on Option Selected

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