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Moutarde Royale (Mustard with Cognac)

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The Royal mustard Pommery is a wholegrain mustard with the particular flavour of its spices which complement marvelously the perfume of the cognac. This delicious mustard will accompany your culinary preparations advantageously, and will go specially well with meats. This mustard is conditioned in a black stoneware jar with stopper cork and wax gold seal.

Brand:Les Assaisonnements Briards
Storage:Keep refrigerated
Shelf Life:See date on package
Ingredients:Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, cognac 6%, spices.

As early as 1771, there were mustard makers in Meaux, who had taken over from the Chanoines, at a scale which was rather industrial for that time. Today, Pommery s Meaux Mustard has kept the same recipe as in the past, its ingredients are carefully selected for their different qualities. For more information visit

250g Jar   -   Price : SGD$25.00


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