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Moutarde au Miel (Mustard with Honey)

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The Honey mustard Pommery 250g is a wholegrain mustard, with spices and high quality honey (27%) that brings a nice softness to it, comparable in some way to the English mustard. Ideal to cover your roast meats before baking for that extra subtle taste. It is conditioned in a stoneware pot with a plastic lid.

Brand:Les Assaisonnements Briards
Storage:Keep refrigerated
Shelf Life:See date on package
Ingredients:Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, honey 27%, pectin, salt, spices.

As early as 1771, there were mustard makers in Meaux, who had taken over from the Chanoines, at a scale which was rather industrial for that time. Today, Pommery s Meaux Mustard has kept the same recipe as in the past, its ingredients are carefully selected for their different qualities. For more information visit

250g Jar   -   Price : SGD$28.00


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