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Manchego DOP Curado - 4-6 months matured

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Manchego is a cheese made in La Mancha region of Spain, exclusively from the milk of ewes (sheep) of the Manchega breed. It is the most famous and sought after cheese in Spain. It has a firm and compact consistency with a pale yellow color. It s unique flavor comes with a slight piquancy, and leaves an aftertaste that is characteristic of sheep s milk. The designation Queso Manchego is protected under Spain s Denominacion de Origen (DOP). Vega Sotuelanos Manchego is aged 4 to 6 months for a unique intense flavor that connoisseurs will appreciate.

Origin: Spain
Brand: Vega Sotuelanos
Storage: Keep refrigerated 4oC to 8oC
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: Pasteurized Ewe s Milk (Manchega breed), Salt, Rennet, Lysozym (from eggs), Calcium Chloride, Cheese cultures

Cheese Vega Sotuelamos was founded in 1998 by chance like most things in life... Two friends who had shared dreams, projects, and had a great time enjoying artisan cheese at home that Peter brought from a factory near their village, Munera, a small hamlet called Sotuelamos. From there the little farm grew in popularity and recognition to become what it is now.

appx 2.9 to 3kg   -   Price : SGD$198.00


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