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Lomo Iberico Bellota (Acorn fed Iberian Pork Cured Dried Tenderloin)

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Lomo is the Spanish word for tenderloin. This Lomo Iberico Bellota, is a dry-cured meat made from Acorn fed Iberian pork tenderloin. Lomo is considered the most noble part of the pig, being a very lean single uniform muscle, with a delicate and exclusive taste.

Origin: Spain
Brand: El Torreon
Storage: Keep Refrigerated at 2-8 oC
Shelf Life: See date on package.
Ingredients: Acorn Fed Iberian Pork tenderloin (cured and air dried), Paprika, Spices, Salt

Serving: open the package at least 10 minutes before serving, and use a knife to cut thin slices. Ideal for an aperitif as is, and accompanied with red wine.

Ibericos Torreon is a family-owned company,well-known in Spain and by many chefs worldwide for its respect of tradition and quality. Specialties are selected from the best Iberian pork, fed with acorns for highest quality selections. A real heavenly delicacy.

1.2kg appx   -   Price : SGD$178.00


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