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Live Oysters "Tsarskaya" (choice of sizes) pre-order 1 week

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The Tsars of Russia were avid consumers of oysters, and it was in honour of this fact that in 2004 the "Tsarskaya" oyster was born. Selected straight from the spat this oyster is farmed for 3 to 4 years at the heart of the farm, and is then nurtured in a very specific and careful way. It will delight enthusiasts with its fullness, white flesh and crunchy firmness.

Origin: France
Brand: Les Parcs Saint Kerber
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Shelf Life: Consume within 1 week
Ingredients: Live Cancale Oysters "Tsarskaya"

Les Parcs St Kerber established in the Mont-St-Michel bay, offers a whole range of flat Belon oysters and common oysters such as fine de Claire, Creuses de Bretagne, and their original creation, Tsarskaya. It was in 1930 that Francois Louvet formed the Glaciere Cancalaise and then in 1944 went on to found his oyster business in Cancale. The produce from Parcs Saint Kerber has been enjoyed at some of the best tables in the world. For more information visit

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