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Guinettes - Half Candied Cherries in Liqueur

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Guinettes Candied Cherries in liqueur deliver the full and natural flavour of the unique griotte variety of cherries. Guinettes can be savoured as is with coffee, or with ice-cream and sorbet. For more fancy preparation you can use them to accompany meats such as duck magret, or fruit salads, cakes and tarts. They are also amazing in cocktails.
Origin: France
Brand: Distillerie du Perigord
Storage: Store in a dry place
Shelf Life: see date on package
Ingredients: Candied Cherries, Liqueur

The Distillerie du Perigord Company was founded in 1860 by Emile Lapouge and are famous for its aperitifs and fruits preserved in liqueur. Visit their webpage for more info.

2L Pet Jar   -   Price : SGD$65.00


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