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Frutto del Cappero all aceto - Caper Fruits in light Vinegar

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These whole caper fruits with stem are preserved in a light vinegar, and enhanced with diced bell peppers. Capers are a common ingredient in mediterranean cuisine, specially southern Italian. They can be used in salads, meat dishes, pasta sauces (such as pasta alla putanesca), pizzas, served with smoked salmon, or simply for cocktails as appetizers. They are also one of the ingredient of the tartar sauce. Ready to be served after the draining.

Origin: Italy
Brand: Menu
Storage: keep in a cool dry place
Shelf Life: see date on package
Ingredients: Fruit of Caper, water, wine vinegar, peppers, white wine, sugar, salt, acidifiers, herbs.

The world of Menu is made of the best antipasti, sauces, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, all traditionally prepared and preserved in order to get the most genuine taste of Italian food there and all over the world.

790g jar (380g drained)   -   Price : SGD$23.00


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