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Frozen Raw Obsiblue Prawns -- 1kg

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Obsiblue is a blue colored rare species of prawn that grows exclusively in New Caledonia, in the south pacific ocean. It is an exceptional product, highly sought after by the top restaurants of the world. The purity of water and the quality of plankton in the lagoon is at the base of its unique blue color, pure and original taste which makes the Obsiblue so exclusive. It has a very distinct sweet and salty taste.

Origin: New Caledonia
Brand: Obsiblue prawns
Storage: Frozen
Shelf Life: See date on box
Recipes: or

Obsiblue is produced in very small quantities in ponds, fed by natural water of the lagoon. The low density of Prawns in ponds (five times less than in traditional ponds) creates an ideal environment for growing softly and naturally to reach the ideal maturity of the species.

1 kg   -   Price : SGD$105.00


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