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Frozen Morels

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Morels are highly prized mushrooms by gourmet cooks worldwide, particularly for French cuisine, and more specifically Provencale. Due to their natural porosity, morels may rarely contain trace amounts of soil, but should not be washed as it will impact their delicate flavor. The most common way to enjoy morels is by simply sauteeing them in butter, cracking pepper on top and sprinkling with salt. They make a great side dish for premium steaks.

Origin: France
Brand: Sarabot
Storage: Frozen
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: Frozen Morel mushrooms

Frozen and dry mushrooms rigorously selected by Sabarot, and most importantly fully traceable. The Sabarot company was founded in 1819 in the Haute-Loire region of France. Sabarot prides themselves in keeping their traditional know in the selection and preparation of all their products.

1kg   -   Price : SGD$158.00


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