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Frozen Horn of Plenty (Trompettes)

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The horn of plenty, is also known as black chanterelle, black trumpet, trompette de la mort or trumpet of the death. Almost black in colour, it looks and tastes like a dark version of the chanterelle mushroom. Horns of plenty have a deliciously rich flavor that goes well with creamy sauces, soups or stews with meat, pasta, or simply with butter and garlic.

Origin: France
Brand: Sarabot
Storage: Frozen
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: Frozen Horn of plenty mushrooms

Frozen and dry mushrooms rigorously selected by Sabarot, and most importantly fully traceable. The Sabarot company was founded in 1819 in the Haute-Loire region of France. Sabarot prides themselves in keeping their traditional know in the selection and preparation of all their products.

1kg   -   Price : SGD$35.00


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