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Fleur de Sel de Guerande

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This rare salt, naturally white, is not processed in any way, neither washed, nor ground. The "Fleur de Sel de Guérande" "Le Guérandais" preserves its richness in oligo-elements and its unique flavours.  Very white, with fine, snow-like crystals and a very slight hint of violets, it enhances meals by bringing out the taste of even the finest dishes. Flower of salt is harvested in the Guérande salt marshes, late in the afternoon during very dry weather. Under the combined effect of the sun and a dry east wind, a fine skin of crystals forms on the surface with a small quantity produced making it a rare and much sought-after product.

Origin: France
Brand: Sel de Guerande
Storage: Store in a dry placebr
Shelf Life: See date on tub
Ingredients: Natural sea salt from Guerande

Le guerandais is a cooperative producing Brittany's white gold, a delicate salt recognized and used by the best chefs in France for centuries.

1kg Tub   -   Price : SGD$38.00


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