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Flash Frozen Slices of Raw Duck Foie-Gras (4 Pieces 40-60g each)

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4 frozen fresh foie-gras slices, ideal for pan-frying. Versatile and easy to use, these easily and rapidly cooked fresh foie-gras escalopes can be used frozen or defrosted. A choice and quality product only from strictly selected best foie-gras, with minimum melting during cooking.

Origin: France
Brand: Rougie
Storage: Frozen.
Shelf Life: 6 months frozen, 2-4 days once refrigerated
Ingredients: duck liver slices

Recipes: Visit Rougie's website for many savoury recipes with photographs such as this Slices of duck Foie Gras pan fried with red berries. CHEF'S TIP: after having defrosted the escalopes (15 to 20 minutes) fry them in a pan and cook as a fresh product (2 to 3 minutes each side). Drain on paper towel after cooking and warm on a drip tray in the oven just before serving. Always season the escalopes just before serving.

Founded in 1875, and located in the medieval town of Sarlat in the southwest of France, Rougie is the specialist of Foie Gras. Ducks are fed 100% with grain (no animal flours, no fats). Full tracing of the production is one the of the key elements in Rougie's quality.

180g - 4pcs   -   Price : SGD$33.00


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