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Filo Pastry (Frozen)

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Fashionably Mediterranean and healthily low in fat, paper thin fillo pastry is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the more traditional puff and shortcrust pastries. The word fillo is Greek for “leaf” and is an evocative way of describing the light crispiness of the pastry at its best. Traditionally used for Greek style deserts and savouries such as baklava and spinach pie, today cooks are limited only by their imagination as to how they can incorporate fillo pastry into new and exciting dishes. It lends itself well to creating pastry parcels and wraps in all different shapes and sizes.

Origin: Australia
Brand: Antoniou
Storage: Frozen
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: See package

Baking Instructions: Allow to thaw completely before you open the plastic bag in which it is sealed. Unrolling the pastry flat whist it still has any “chill” left in it, will make the pastry brittle and prone to cracking and breaking. The pastry when allowed to thaw should be soft and pliable. You can find many recipes here.

Chris Antoniou migrated to Sydney from Cyprus in 1952. Learning the art of making fillo pastry by hand whilst working part time in a cake shop to earn extra money, in 1960 he commenced making fillo pastry. Antoniou specialise in fillo pastry alone, and have entrenched themselves as the Australia’s leading manufacturer of fillo pastry products.

375gm   -   Price : SGD$9.00


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