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Duck Gizzard Confit

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Gizzards Confit is prepared with the meat from the same ducks fed to produce the Foie Gras. The Gizzards are cooked for more than one hour in the duck fat, salt and spices, then put in a tin or jar and covered with fat so that the air cannot enter into contact with the meat, therefore preserving it. This is a traditional French recipe for long term conservation of the duck meat. Gesiers/Gizzards confits are traditionally served in salads such as the traditional Salade Landaise, or to accompany potato dishes like the famous Hachis Parmentier.

Origin: France
Brand: Rougie
Storage: at room temperature
Shelf Life: 3 years
Ingredients: N/A
Recipe: Try the famous Salade Landaise, of which you'll find many recipes such as this one. Try our choice of Foie-Gras to complete the recipe: Semi-Preserved Whole Duck Foie-Gras or Semi-Preserved Whole Duck Foie-Gras with Armagnac Aspic.

Founded in 1875, and located in the medieval town of Sarlat in the southwest of France, Rougie is the specialist of Foie Gras. Ducks are fed 100% with grain (no animal flours, no fats). Full tracing of the production is one the of the key elements in Rougie's quality.

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