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Chilled Australian Black Angus (Grass Fed Hormone Free) -- Tenderloin S-S Off

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Beef tenderloin, also known as filet, comes from the loin of the animal. With the silver skin off (peeled), this tenderest cut of beef is easy to prepare, simply sliced in thick steaks and grilled. More complex recipes can be achieved with addition of foie gras (tournedos Rossini), truffles or morels, with a deglazed juice with butter and wine, or accompanied with seasonal vegetables.
Origin: Australia
Brand: CApe Naturaliste
Storage: Keep Chilled in refrigerator
Shelf Life: See Package
Ingredients: Black Angus Beef Tenderloin
Cape Naturaliste Angus is grown in the South-west Region of Western Australia. The cattle are graded using the AUSMEAT certified MSA grading system. The result is the highest quality 4 and 5 star product with supreme tenderness, full flavour and extreme juiciness. Cattle selected for Cape Naturaliste Angus are grown naturally without the use of growth hormones.

2.5 kg Appx   -   Price : SGD$188.00


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