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"Ice Tea" Chest (pre-order 2 weeks)

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This modern transparent chest, uniquely proposes and assortment of 3 Dammann Freres teas, ideal combinations for making delicious iced teas. Included in the box, is an original "infuser tube", to be suspended elegantly to the rim of a glass or crystal jar, which will help you to successfully make your refreshing iced teas by letting the tea infuse in cold water during 8 hours.

  • Earl Grey Yin Zhen: Fine Bergmaot from Calabre associated to the lightness and aromatic flavours of a great Keemun

  • The aux 7 Parfums: Freshness of fresh fruits and flowers for a very subtle tea

  • The Soleil Vert: Harmony of green tea and orange for a thirst quenching and tonic tea.

Origin: France
Brand: Dammann Freres
Net weight: 30g x 3 Tins

In 1825 was founded the first trading office for Dammann tea, it was in India. Today Dammann is one of the very finest producers of teas, with exclusive blends that are famous all over the world.

25g x 4 Tin Box   -   Price : SGD$98.00


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