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Caviar Sturia Vintage

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The caviar Sturia Vintage associates round firmness and an explosion in the mouth of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavours. It is ideally savored by itself, with a mother-of-pearl spoon, the box laid on a block of ice. Its flavour and firmness are close to the greatest Oscietra wild caviars. Available in 50g, 100g, or 500g vaccum packed tins.

Origin: France
Brand: Sturia
Storage: Keep refrigerated at -3o to +3o.
Shelf Life: 3 months (refrigerated)
Ingredients: Roes from Acipenser baerii sturgeon, Salt, Preservative E285

Sturia caviar is produced by Caviar et Prestige, the largest producer of caviar in France, near Bordeaux. Thanks to great improvements in farming techniques, Sturia is now used by several 3* chefs in the world. Most importantly, prices are stable and attractive, while its production is sustainable, an important factor since stocks of wild sturgeons are almost finished. More information on Sturia caviar in their website.

All our Caviar is sold under CITES quotas, certificates are available upon request.

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