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Tea Caddy #11 - Paul & Virginie

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The Paul & Virginie tea is a blend of non-smoked tea from China and Ceylon, flavoured with caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla. The Dammann Frères metal tin is square with a flat lid and contains 100g of loose tea.

Origin: France
Brand: Dammann Freres
Storage: Store in a dry place
Use By: See date on bottom of tin
Ingredients:Blend of black tea from China (68%) and Sri Lanka (29%), caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla aromas (3%).
Infusion: 4/5 minutes.

In 1825 was founded the first trading office for Dammann tea, it was in India. Today Dammann is one of the very finest producers of teas from all over the world, with exclusive blends that are famous the world over.

100g Tin   -   Price : SGD$18.00


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