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Bresse Chicken - Poulet de Bresse (Frozen)

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Free Range Chicken from Bresse (France). These chicken are minmum 4 months old and raised on grass area, mainly fed with corn (mais). Bresse Chicken is an AOC (Appelation d Origine Controlee), a french controlled naming that guarantees a superior level of quality and the origin of the products. Bresse chicken are produced within a limited geographic zone of less than 4000 km2 situated between the french departments of Ain, Saone-et-Loire, and Jura. Bresse chickens can be prepared in many ways, simply roasted, or with more elaborated recipes such as with a cream and white wine based sauce with mushrooms.

Origin: France
Brand: Au Chapon Bressan

Located in the region of Bresse, famous for its outstanding poultry production, Au Chapon Bressan is one of the most traditional producers of chickens, hens, capons, all fed with grain and grown free range.

1.3kg appx   -   Price : SGD$75.00


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