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Arborio (rice for Risotto)

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Ecori's Arborio Rice is particularly suitable for risotto. It is a rice with large grain, optimum in the preparation of creamy risottos (risotto mantecato) due to its high starch contents. During the cooking process, the heat first penetrates the outer part, while the starchy nucleus remains 'al dente'. It can also be used in timaballi dishes for a pleasant surprise.

Origin: Italy
Brand: Ecori Agricola
Storage: store in a dry place
Shelf Life: See date on package
Ingredients: Arborio Rice

Ecori was founded in 1999 by a group of farmers cultivating rice in Northern Italy for generations. It is now an integrated company producing from the seeds to the finished products, strictly following eco-friendly rules and directives edited by the farmers themselves

1kg   -   Price : SGD$11.00


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